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Facilities at Dara Reang Sey Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dara Reang Sey Hotel's facilities are completed with all amenities. Take advantage of our excellent hotel facilities for shopping, recreation, and relaxation. To ease your aches and pains and relax your body, enjoy a traditional Khmer body massage, oil massage, or foot massage at the hands of our expert therapists. For unique items to decorate your house and delight your friends and family, visit our souvenir shop to find the perfect gift. All staffs are well-trained and experienced to meet an international standard. We are also offering translation services for most languages for business or for leisure travelers as needed.

Swimming Pool

swimming poolDara Reang Sey Hotel's swimming pool is the perfect place to refresh your mind and body. Lounge on the poolside, sipping a luxurious cocktail, or slip into the pool and refresh your body with the cool touch of water. With a separate shallow section at one end, it is perfect for children to play, or for others to swim laps and exercise.



 Open & Close from 9:00am till 9:00pm

 Monthly Membership Fitness Center & Swimming Pool ONLY USD 28.00 - pax

 Depth​ Low = 0.90m & High = 1.60m 


Spa & Massage

Our expert massage staffs provide personal massage services to ease aches and pains,

relax your body, and soothe your mind. You can receive the benefits of traditional Khmer body message, oil massage, or foot message. You do not even spend your time outside the hotel, our expert and experience massage staffs will provide you for what you want.


Souvenir Shop

After staying somewhere as exotic as Siem Reap and visiting the famous and ancient Temples of

Angkor, we all want to take home a permanent reminder or two, of our stay. Our souvenir shop offers an exciting selection of items to preserve your memories of Cambodia and share your experiences with your friends and family.


Business Center

Dara Reang Sey Hotel provides you fast, broad band internet on demand in all rooms and suites.

Our hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia business center offers a full range of modern facilities to service your business needs.



National road Nº 6, Phum Chong Caochou, Khum Slor Kram, Siem Reap |  (855) 63 760 360 |  (855) 63 963 435 | (855) 97 4 882 024 | (855) 17 513 792 More..

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